Relationship Advice Chats

Relationship Advice ChatsRelationship Advice Chats

Relationship advice chats are where we cover our Q&A on all things relationship-related. This is where we share our success stories and compare our heartbreaks and remedies with one another. Where we can come to ask advice from myself or from another member of the site. Don’t be shy or afraid to put your fears or desires out there. Unasked questions don’t get the answers you seek, and you never know just who’s got the most valuable advice that could take your perishing relationship back to the fresh, exciting, and appealing element it once was.

Over the years, I have not only been involved with a variety of personalities in my romantic life, but I am a single mother of a now, adult special needs young man. I literally went through hell raising that boy, and have been through a vast array of training and work in the children’s mental health field. So, I am very knowledgeable in not only child rearing but that of a special needs child as well.

The expectations here in the Q&A of Relationship Advice Chats are simple –
Please don’t post any vulgar or obscene language beyond the scope of the norm… I think we all know how to behave like ladies and gentlemen.
Use real names of people involved at your own discretion. This IS the internet
If the advice/comment you want to leave on someone else’s question is not what you think they’ll want to hear, please use tact when responding. Remember people do feel.

And last but not least, I want everyone who reads and posts questions not to be ashamed, or embarrassed about anything you want to talk or ask about! This site is designed to serve as an outlet for any frustration you can’t voice in your everyday surroundings. There are no questions that are off-limits. I am so far from judgemental and I would never belittle or downplay someone else’s situation. I’d expect the same from everyone else.

This is a place where your fears and dreams can remain as anonymous as you leave them. Where you can air your thoughts and get a variety of feedback from different perspectives and personality types and take with you what you find of value. If you have any topic you would like to submit for advice, please use the contact form in the above drop-down menu, I get the notification by email, if you just leave a comment, I may not see it for a while.