Empowering Relationship Advice!

Empowering Relationship Advice

Empowering Relationship Advice

My name is Amy! I have a big heart a good head on my shoulders and a burning desire to see people succeed in becoming happy with themselves and their lives. I’m here to offer you some empowering relationship advice! I am by nature a “doer” as well as a “dreamer”. I take a genuine interest in the relationships I develop with those around me and with the state of humanity as a whole. I have some clear insights on all the types of motivations of others, whether it be for good or for evil. I am very empathetic and in tune with the feelings of others. I am not easily led and am rarely fooled by any façade. My personality combined with my intuition and experience over the years has led me to create this site as a means to both share my experiences and offer support and advice about relationship troubles and goals.

The purpose of this site is to allow a venue for men and women everywhere who are frustrated or confused with their significant others, and their relationship troubles, to vent and ask questions related to these problems we have all faced at one time or another. It will be a venue open for discussion, questions and answers from both myself and my readers and subscribers. I would like to see everyone who subscribes or just reads to participate in some way. Whether it be sharing a comment, an experience or asking a question, I encourage all of you to reach out and join in! Don’t be shy! If your love life is suffering let’s find a way to bring it back to life. To reignite that burnt out flame! Is your self-esteem suffering? Do you have problems establishing boundaries? Need to let go but just can’t? This is an open forum; anything you want to get off your chest is up for discussion.

This site does not have to be strictly about romantic relationships. If you are having some issues with interpersonal and/or family related issues, we can discuss those as well. If the problem exists, we can talk about it! You may find the perfect amount of encouragement and support in your time of need and walk away a better person or simply refreshed and emotionally charged! We don’t just cover the shady and bad sides of a relationship, but the joys and rewards of an emotionally and physically balanced coupling too!

So what are you waiting for?? Subscribe, start clicking and start asking! Help me write my next post, Submit a question for me using the contact page at the top of the screen!
Can’t wait to talk!

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