Words scar more than fists

Words scar more than fists. It’s true. I think one of the most important things to remember in any relationship whether it be a spouse, a child, a friend, or simply someone you encounter for a brief period of time, is to treat them in the same respect you like to be treated yourself.

Having been in an abusive relationship, both physically and emotionally, I can assure you the scars that were left by his words caused far more pain than whatever happened to be his weapon of choice on the days he got physical.
The bruises faded, the stitches were removed but the words stayed and lingered.

When I go out into this ugly world I put forth an effort to at least smile and say hello to everyone I encounter. Maybe even complement some if I see things in a person that I like.
Words scar more than fists
I don’t do this to be liked, I don’t do it to put up a front or achieve some sort of personal gain. I do it because each and every person has something going on in their lives that you know nothing about. Maybe I am the only thing that day that made them feel at ease; if only for a moment.

It’s been 15 years since I left my abuser. 13 since I lost my son to his parents. There are times I hear them still. I hear the evil things they said. And when I do, I feel exactly the same as the day those words were uttered from their mouths.

Feelings and thoughts associated with words help to define a person. They make up a good portion of their self-worth. If you’re told you’re ugly often enough you truly will begin to believe it.

Be the person who convinces someone they are worth something. Something good.
Next time you have an argument with your partner – don’t fill the air with hate. And next time you pass a stranger, smile, say something positive.

Words scar more than fists…This world is ugly enough be the bright in someone else’s dark.

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